Impact of digital marketing in 2021


Covid 19 has brought the world to a standstill, affecting small and large businesses the world over, some shut for good. It would take several years for the economy to come back to its proper self and stabilized growth. For businesses to respond to the recession, they need to be creative and come up with various ideas that would create a ripple effect in the market amongst customers and investors. Marketing is one of the key strategies that could either cause a great splash or be a major let-down; a slow and steady method of brand building could go a long way. Outdoor shopping is still going to be questionable, hence digital marketing and online shopping is going to be of major importance to focus and of convenience to customers. Various brands are discounting products to a major degree just to maintain customer value and to make ends meet. Post pandemic, businesses reliant on digital marketing will require an effective and operative look on distinctiveness to separate itself from other brands to stand out in its own perspective and growth

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