importance of web stories

Web Stories are a piece of documented narration of information in the format of Stories in Web sites provided by Google itself. Web stories are presented in a Visual storytelling format that attracts the users to look over. These Web stories are created with AMP which means Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is optimized for mobile Web browsing.


Web stories are an effective way to promote content on any web sites. They are featured with many beneficial actions that are highly appreciable. Creating web stories is beneficial for many reasons.

  • Effective reach
  • Mobile centered
  • Flexible creativity
  • SEO friendly
  • Inviting features
  • Highly productive
  • Easily engaged

Effective reach:

Web stories load faster than other format documents. They are accessed easily by the audience within a fraction of seconds. It changes its format from resource layout to document layout, resulting in high-speed loading of any web stories on any web sites. These web stories are shareable and linkable so that the creators and users promote them at an easy pace.

Mobile centered:

Web-users transmitted from Personal Computers and Systems to Mobile phones. They seek any information simply in the Google Search Engine on their mobile. Mobile phones have their unique benefits like handy, highly portable, low space consuming, easily affordable. Why people go for big Personal computers or laptops to search about anything and get results when all they can do with a small device at any place and pace. Web stories are optimized especially for Mobile Web Browsing. They view the document in Mobile view format so that the users can view them on a full screen.

Flexible Creativity:

Web stories can be embedded with images, audio, videos, and texts under any templates with flexible animation features. Creating Web stories is much easier than making rich word content. They provide flexible templates where we can edit and format our documents to our wishes and necessity.

SEO friendly:

Search Engine Optimization, being the high factor for Google Ranking has its impact over any web searches. Web stories are already optimized pieces of narrations in Story formats. So you could find your Web site Story easily at the top SEO range when you work on effective Keywords and content. They are fast loading too with a single HTTP request.

Inviting Features:

The editing and operating features are highly flexible and handy for the creators as well as the users. Accelerated Mobile Pages provides many attractive and effective templates to create Web Stories. Web owners can create easy content by installing required technological applications. Animations usually attract the audience. Adding to that we can pour our creativity and style to give enchanting emerge.

Highly Productive:

Web stories are created at a considerable and affordable cost by website owners. Hence they are productively rich and acceptable.  They provide fantastic user prominence leading to a high reach of audience. They acquire a high range in SEO and GOOGLE ranking.

Easily Engagable:

People feel comfortable viewing Web stories than Web documents. They are more constrained and clear. So the users can get results for what they seek within fewer time limits. Not every user likes to sit and spend time opening big documents in web pages and read the entire content. This is a simple and effective method of projecting data and information that grabs viewers’ attention easily. Web stories are likely to reach an audience at a robust range.

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