In 2021, one strategy is still proven effective to rank high on search engines keyword research. Keyword research is an SEO practice of finding, analyzing, and using actual search words, terms, or phrases that people use in search engines to find information on the web.

The insight you can get from doing keyword research could help you create a more educated content strategy, as well as a broader overall marketing strategy.

There are a lot of factors that went into the site’s success with SEO, including content, on-site optimization, link building and technical SEO. A good easy structure to follow is the PIE method. PIE Stands for Protect, Improve and Expand. The P stands for the protected keyword that has been already locked for and still kept in the same position. I stand to improve portion deals with a certain set of opportunity keywords where you rank in the second to tenth Google search result pages. Expand is for the opportunity terms that do great in PPC but have no visibility in organic.

Usage of Long-tail keywords

In SEO, there are two types of keywords

  • Head keywords
  • Long-tail keywords.

Head keywords are the ones that most people think they should target. They are very general and very competitive.

A long-tail keyword is a specific type of keyword that usually consists of more words. Fewer people create content about these keyword topics, which makes them a perfect target.

Google Suggest

Google’s autofill suggests is one of the best tools to find the keyword suggestion. Doing this can help find interesting keyword phrases. It saves a lot of your time tool.

Pay attention to timelines

In doing keyword research, always remember that not all keywords are trending year’ round. Some are extremely useful for a week or two in December and have low search volume for the rest of the year. There’s one tool that could tell you if a keyword fits a specific time of the year or not. It’s called Google Trends. Google Trends is a great tool to know whether or not interest in your keywords is increasing or free falling. Most of the keywords under Queries are keywords that you won’t find in other keyword research tools.

Do competitor research

Competitor research is an effective way of analyzing what keywords your competitors are investing in both successfully and unsuccessfully. By knowing what works for your competitors, you can discover what you need to do to improve your search rankings.

It eliminates the possibility of making your own mistakes and even learning from them early on. Also, you save a lot of time and other valuable resources. To do competitor research, search via a website but use your competitor’s site instead of your own.

Utilize local keyword for local SEO

Focusing on localized keywords and phrases is one of the best keyword research tips and tricks. It helps you target buyers who are close to your physical store locations, and it improves your search engine ranking, especially if you are a small business owner.

If your business has a local storefront or you service a set geographic area, don’t miss the opportunity to utilize local keywords such as the name of the city and surrounding cities.

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